Tuesday, December 1, 2009

OMG, My work sucks!

Have I told any of you that yet?


Just to let you know, I work at a jail so not only do I deal with the best and brightest in society, I also deal with their families who think that their "little boy would never do drugs" or "he only hit me once and I don't want to press charges". Well you know what? To effing bad! Wise up people!

We had a lady today that I had to book who is 46 with 14 kids ranging from 30 - 2. WTF? This crack head gets not one, not two, but FOURTEEN!?

Oh and then there is the couple that were involved in a crash that killed a 10 year old girl. The mother was released after her child endangerment charges were dropped. Your daughter is dead and you don't get charged after you put her in the car and let her wear her seatbelt the wrong way, and you let your boyfriend drive drunk and speed with her in the car! Again, WTF?

Some days, oh who am I kidding, most days my job makes me want to scream and cry and sometimes I do. I go into the back office and throw a fit. I cry and I stamp my feet like a 3 year old, but what else am I to do? Grow up?

The only highlight of my day was getting a sex registrant violated. That means that he is getting new charges for failure to register and could go back to prison. Oh yes little children, you can thank me that this bad man going away for a long time.

Oh well, tomorrow is another day.


Reading Allowed said...

mmm you're right. I read it and I got pissed off.

and I'm glad you explained what "getting a sex registrant violated" meant, because it was not at all what I pictured.

ColindaP said...

Oh yes, I work at court, so I'm with felons all the time too. I want to throat punch every defendant who, at sentencing, does the whole "Judge, I need you to let me out b/c I have kids, I have a family that depends on me, and my girlfriend is pregnant again with triplets that I'm pretty sure might be mine." Grrr. However, as a linguist, I HATE the elliptical use of the word "violate" ;-) "You didn't comply with probation and you were violated." No, no. You violated probation by noncompliance. Ack!

MV said...

Yup - I work in a prison. Sucky times all around.