Sunday, December 13, 2009

And I'm back

We took a little vacation. It was fantastic. Thursday we drove the eight hours down to Las Vegas we saw Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds Thursday and Friday and also stayed at the Bellagio.

1. Long drive and back, but it was still fun. Erik and I like to go on drives, but we usually don't go that far.

2. The Bellagio was fantastic. It is certainly beautiful. It was great staying there. It is something that we can say we did, but I don't think we need to stay there any more. It was expensive.

3. Dave Matthews. I shouldn't have to say anything else about it. It is Dave Freaking Matthews! I love him and the shows were phenomenal.

We are home and had a great time. It was nice getting away and not worrying about anything, but now it is back to the real world and I had said world thrust upon me when I had to go back to work today. Oh well, I will dream about our next trip.

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