Saturday, March 27, 2010

Since ticker change day is on Sunday and I work on Sundays...

these will always be a day early

How far along?
Weight gain/loss: I think I am actually down a couple of pounds thanks to my loss of appetite.
Maternity clothes? I have spent the past 3 days rocking the bella band.
Stretch marks? just the ones I already had
Sleep? I don't have to get up every 3 hours to pee anymore, but I wake up so sore from tossing and turning and not being comfortable.
Best moment this week? Wearing my bella band I guess.
Movement: nothing that I can feel
Food cravings: still lime Popsicles. The tarter the better. And root beer.
Gender: not a clue
Belly button in or out? totally in.
What I miss? sleeping comfortably.
What I am looking forward to? 2 more weeks until my next u/s
Weekly wisdom: I don't know but if you have any wisdom I will take it.
Milestones: not fitting into my pants anymore, but weighing less than usual. Weird

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