Thursday, March 18, 2010

Finally an update

So the last we left off I had 2 (ok 4) positive pregnancy tests. Let's jump a head a few weeks here.

I was at work and I fell. My back was hurting me pretty bad. When I called the advice nurse, I told her I am pregnant. She freaked out and made an appointment with my OB. Even though I told her I had an u/s scheduled on Wednesday, she still made me an appointment for Monday.

I went in on Monday. Got the lecture from my OB about freaking out and not calling the advice nurse unless there is really something wrong. Whatever. She did an u/s. There is a yolk sac, fetal pole and she said she saw a little flicker. I guess I may have seen something, but it was so small that I am not sure.

She also said I have a 3cm cyst in my ovary, but she isn't worried about it. She canceled my appointment that was set for Wednesday with my RE. I almost wish I hadn't said anything about my appointment on Wednesday. I would have loved to have Erik there and maybe have the chance of really seeing a heart beat.

Oh well. I go back in April for my 9 week appointment. Then we should really get a good picture and a look at the heart beat. Keep your fingers crossed and pray that everything continues going well.

::oh and I promise I will try to update more frequently:::

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MV said...

Yes, you must update more often!