Saturday, February 7, 2009


::::head to desk, and repeat::::

Again, I know I am not feeling sorry for myself, but there are constant reminders all around.

My dad and step-mom came into town last night. My SM was asking about how many children in the neighborhood and since we have such a young neighborhood we will probably all have kids around the same time.

Then they were talking about my little sister who just had her second. Then there was talk about my dumbass brother and his five (yes I said five).

Then at dinner there was an extremely pregnant girl that kept waddling back and forth in front of me. "Hey lady, I get it! Your pregnant! Sit your ass down or go waddle somewhere else!" And then there was the mom with 2 little girls waiting to be seated. Apparently mom just found out she was pregnant and it was all the girls could talk about.

Talking to my friend last night was good. She is having problems to and the doctors don't really seem to be listening to her. I sympathize because I know how she feels.

As far as I go, I had my D&C 5 1/2 weeks ago. It will be 6 weeks on Tuesday, and I still haven't seen George (AF see below posts). It is so frustrating. I am still spotting and when I do stop, it picks up again. It is like a constant reminder of my failure. The reason that I went with the D&C is because I didn't think I could manage to wait for it to happen naturally. I just wanted it over. Now is seems like it will never end.

Oh well...doctors appointment is on Monday, I guess we will wait and see.

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