Thursday, June 17, 2010

We have a Penis!

It is a boy! It is so weird to talk about the baby now and put a gender to him. It is like right after you get married and it takes a while to get used to say "my husband". Same kind of thing.

I am so excited (I would be no matter what). So here is how it went down...

My appointment was at 0950. I wasn't sure about traffic and all of that and ended up getting there at 0910. I really had to use the bathroom, but wasn't supposed too. They told me they could take me back then. I was worried though because Erik wasn't there yet.

They told me that they had about 25 minutes worth of pictures and measurements to take anyways before all the fun stuff. I decided that that should be fine, since Erik was on his way. He took me back. Yes, my u/s tech was a guy and not bad looking either. Baby boy was breach and his head was behind my belly button. I kept feeling little bumps really low, so I didn't even realize that he could be that high.

After about 10 minutes he had me go use the bathroom in hopes that he would move around a little to get better pics. It worked a little bit. Then he had me go for a walk and go up and down the stairs a few times. By then Erik was there so we walked for a few minutes and told him what he had missed (not much). The walking worked. He completely flipped and was low. All the pictures were taken that the doctor needed. Then we got the fun stuff.

Couldn't get a good profile pic because he had his head turned away from us. We got the foot, legs, heart, arm, ect... At one point (before Erik got there) he had his hand up by his face. When the u/s tech went to get pics of his face, he started waving at me. It was so cute. A perfectly formed little hand waving at me.

I am so excited. I'll put pics up later.

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