Thursday, April 22, 2010

Doctors appointment

So this one I went to alone. It was just a physical so I didn't see the need in Erik coming and watching me get poked and prodded.

I got the my appointment and had to give a urine sample. I about gave myself a heart attack when I looked in the toilet (gross habit) and saw bright red blood on the toilet paper. Then I realized that I had sliced my knuckle open somehow and that is what it was from. Stupid finger! Seriously I almost started crying.

I calmed down from that little scare. The called me back, took my weight (still down 15 pounds from my 6 week appointment) I then got felt up, poked and prodded, pap done (oh joy) and then she pulled out the doppler. She actually brought the u/s in "just incase she couldn't find it". Yep, she couldn't find it either. Oh and she brought in the u/s after poking me a bit and I think realizing how fat I really am.

Pull out the ultrasound machine. This was the first time ever having an ultrasound that was external and not the dildo cam. I got to see Squishy. S/he was just hanging out with his/her back to us. That is why she couldn't find it (besides my extra fluff). Unfortunately since the back was to us we couldn't get a picture either, but thats ok. Seeing the heart beat and her saying that it was "nice and stong" is all I needed.

She said that she thinks it's a boy just because s/he is being so stubborn already. I thought that was funny.

Next week is the NT scan. Hopefully Squishy is a little less stubborn then. They also scheduled my 18 week appointment (16 week was already scheduled) and set up the big u/s. We will find out on June 17 if it is a boy or girl. That doesn't seem far away considering it is almost May!

Holy crap! This is really happening!

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