Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I was so excited. After a 41 day cycle, 2 BFNs, and looking forward to January for the past 2 months, I am so disappointed.

I went in for my injections appointment and instead of walking out with needles and vials, I was given birth control! Why you ask, well, let me tell you.

I got there and the nurse asked, "ok, so you are here for Clomid or injections?". I told her injections and she said, "oh so you have had your injections class" ::::blank stare:::: I said, "no, no one ever told me that I needed one.

She then told me that I wouldn't be able to get the injections now because I had to have that class. I started tearing up. She could tell I was upset and took me back to the exam room and went and got the nurse practitioner. The NP came in and asked what the plan was. I told her I was never told about an injections class and had told her (that specific NP that I was now having this conversation with) back in September that September was my last Clomid cycle and that I wanted to start injections. She never mentioned anything!

She said she was sorry for the misunderstanding and that I had 3 options. 1) another round of Clomid. 2) birth control. 3) do nothing and wait until the next cycle.

Gee lets see, I HATE CLOMID and the shit doesn't work. My last cycle was 42 days and I am not waiting until March to do this crap again, so gee, I guess I will take birth control.

It should not be this effing hard. 2 years and a m/c and I can't get pregnant and I can't stay pregnant. Now here I sit, upset and crying. So disappointed. I have been waiting 2 months for this. After my CP I kept looking forward to this, and granted it only waiting another 3 weeks, I HATE THIS!

I hate my body, I hate Kaiser, I hate the effing universe!


Mrs. Tims said...

I am so sorry this happened. I can't believe that NP didn't tell you about the classes. That really sucks. Hopefully the birth control will help things along faster. Feel better!

MV said...

Agh! So frustrating! :(

Tosha said...

I am so sorry for your frustrations. MAN. Sounds like the people in your OB/RE office really need to get their sh*t together! I hope these three weeks go by fast for you. *hugs*